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New Mexico Citizen's Militia

New Mexico Citizen's Militia

About Us

We believe a well-armed citizenry is the best form of Homeland Security and can better deter crime, invasion, terrorism, and tyranny. The intention of this website is to inform, promote and facilitate the development and training of the New Mexico Citizen's Militia.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of race, creed, color, religion or political affiliation, provided you do not wish to bring harm to our country or people. If you are a United States citizen (or have declared your intent to become such) and are capable of bearing arms, or support the right to do so, then you ARE the Militia...

Are you frustrated at the loss of freedom and responsibility in America, while the growth of government and taxes continues unabated? Wouldn't you like to live in strong communities where your rights are respected, and people exercise responsibility for themselves and in their dealings with each other?

We are currently seeking patriotic New Mexicans who are concerned with the direction this nation is heading and would like to prepare with others of like mind, to be able to protect yourself, your family, community, state and country. Contact us at: New Mexico Citizen's Militia @ 505-975-0607

We have no idea of knowing whether or not people who contact us are FBI, ATF, Interpol, or perhaps worst of all, some media schmuck. We don't care if they come to our meetings, and you shouldn't, either. We don't do anything illegal, and you shouldn't, either. Assume that somebody there is some sort of infiltrator or agent, and act accordingly. We get visits on our website from ".mil" and ".gov" domains all the time. We hope they are learning something. We wish they would donate some more, since we are furnishing them with a cushy detail job. Seriously, there is so much training, including marksmanship, medical training, tactics, communications, field craft and other stuff, that we should all be doing, that illegal stuff is not worth sweating over. No gun conversions, no bomb making, no lists of judges to assassinate. Don't do it, don't talk about it, and don't ask about it. If the local fed infiltrator asks you about it, just tell him, "We don't do that," and be done with it.

This sort of thing will require initiative, dedication, patience, and an ability to tolerate disappointment, ridicule, and harassment. Ultimately, though, it will be worth it.

Don't wait until the next disaster or the next attack. Prepare yourselves now.

Any and all New Mexico residents who are legally able to possess firearms and have the desire to protect their families, neighborhoods, and support the US Constitution...

Contact: New Mexico Citizen's Militia @ 505-975-0607

Who are we?

We are a group of citizen's (many are veterans) that are interested in protecting our American way of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness through the preservation of the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of New Mexico. We are not a bunch of crazies running around worried that the sky is falling. We are your average Joe Citizen.

What do we do and why?

We train in firearms safety, marksmanship, field training exercises, survival skills, field craft, medical skills, home preparedness, as well as other activities to prepare to keep families, our friends, communities, state, country, and ourselves safe from foreign and domestic threats, tyranny, and natural disasters. We will also train and participate with other militia units throughout the state.

It's sad to say that in this day, there are many people who do not know what to do in the case of an emergency.... either natural or man-made. Situations like the Rodney King riots or hurricane Katrina made it plainly evident to every one that, when civil order can no longer be maintained, you're on your own.

Wouldn't it be comforting that in those times that not only are you completely capable to defend you life and property, but also so are your neighbors and nearby residents in a well-prepared group. That is why we have formed.

What we are not:

Contrary to what the government media portrays us as... we are NOT anti-government radicals. Contrary to what the government media portrays us as.... we are NOT racists. And…contrary to what the government media portrays us as...we are NOT terrorists.

Where we train:

We will train either at donated private property or at public lands throughout the state. We will utilize any public shooting range for our marksmanship training. Training exercises will be established as we grow and announced in advance as we progress.

"The country that we love, the first in the history of the universe to be founded on the concept of individual rights, is being taken back to the pre-Revolutionary dark ages of omnipotent rulers and powerless slaves. We MUST resist.!" -Author Unknown-

The above statement says it all. This generation will NOT see the freedoms that our ancestor enjoyed, unless we all stand together, and are willing to make the nessecary sacrifices!
How far are you willing to go to reign in this corrupt and unconstitutional monster we call the government?

The New Mexico Citizen's Militia is NOT anti-government, we ARE anti-corrupt government at all levels. The Militia is the last line of defense in a free nation.

What are you waiting for? Here's your invitation! Contact:New Mexico Citizen's Militia @ call: 505-975-0607

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